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UPDATE: Hey we've just updated the game to v1.03 with lots of fixes, improvements and local multiplayer!

Stampede is a card game without turns, created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018.

Place your cards strategically but frenetically in this 1vs1 game of wits and reflexes.

Have fun!

Local multiplayer controls:

- Player 1:
    * Select: A / D
    * Draw card: S
    * Play card: Q / E

- Player 2:
    * Select: J / L
    * Draw card: K
    * Play card: U / O


- v1.03 (Post jam version):

  • Added local multiplayer mode
  •  Added Win / Lose screen at the end of a game
  •  Added animation to healthbars when being  hitted
  •  Freeze special card now slows the opponents cards for a period of time
  • Swap special card now swaps both your lanes
  • You can now play cards by draging them into the lane
  • You can now draw cards by clicking your deck
  • You can now move between cards with the arrow keys
  • Added a requirement for a minimun space between played cards
  • Escape key now allows you to go back to the main menu / close the application
  • Added small animation to tutorial messages
  • Fix. Main menu now properly closes when playing more than one game
  • Fix. "Discard" animation now properly plays on stacked cards
  •  Fix. Cards properly position themselves when being discarded while entering the lane
  • Fix. Music now starts playing as soon as you open the application
  • Other minor changes


Stampede! 31 MB

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Hey! The version we submitted for the jam is pretty buggy; Basically, you have to close the game after every match, even after the tutorial(alt+f4). Sorry!  We have fixed a lot of these bugs and we'll update the game after voting is over!